• Program: a drop-off hall and a flexible indoor space for information, exhibition and activities (workshops, lectures, events)
  • Location: Härryda, Sweden
  • Surface: 68 sqm (Phase 1), 96 sqm (Phase 2)
  • Construction will use reclaimed materials collected on site
  • Project including a public communication strategy and activity planning

Jig is currently involved in the development of innovative re-use pavillion at the Härryda recycling center in Sweden. The pavilion is part of a wider scheme by the municipality of Härryda which hopes to inspire local residents and community groups to throw less away and come together to give an inexpensive second or third life to everyday household objects. The pavilion, a drop-off hall, information center and workspace, is to be constructed with locally reclaimed materials to truly exhibit what is truly possible when our perceptions of waste and waste management are challenged.

Collaborators: Sigrid Östlund, PhD student at Chalmers univ. of. Tech. school of Architecture, Regenerative Placemaking. http://www.mistraurbanfutures.org/en/node/1203 CTH Arkitektur, Master Program Design for Sustainable Development, Sustainable Building studio 2014.