HSB Living Lab is a research project that has been developed by a collaboration of Johanneberg Science Park, HSB (a housing association in Sweden) and Chalmers University of Technology. HSB Living Lab gives the opportunity for the building sector to test new materials and techniques before they are implemented on a larger scale. ‘Next Generation Building Envelope’ and ‘Home Energy Management’ are just two of the areas to which Chalmers dedicates research.

During the autumn of 2014 Jig was asked by Chalmers University of Technology on behalf of the  building technology department to produce two eye-catching and informative videos to truly reflect the great work being done in these areas.

  • Next Generation Building Envelope (NGBE) focuses on construction material research and the great need to implement innovative materials in projects right now, and in the future.
  • Home Energy Management (HEM) examines residential energy consumption patterns in order to provide cheaper energy prices and a higher shares of renewables.