• Type of project: architectural competition (Sweden)
  • Work: conceptual design
  • Program: a single family house (concept) for rural setting
  • Features:
    • social sustainability approached by promoting shared spaces and resources
    • environmental sustainability approached by the material choice, a focus on building envelope, and features such as window planter and integrated solar panels

JIG entered its first architectural competition in February, 2015. The competition, Dalslandsstugan 2.0, called for ideas for the sustainable development of housing in the Western Swedish countryside. JIG’s proposal includes a flexible house typology that can be adapted to different lifestyles, and integrates solutions for cost and energy efficiency.

The design explores shared living that allows for a variety of people, working patterns, family situations, and individual needs to co-exist in a space. A flexible floor plan allows inhabitants to create their own levels of privacy and decide what they want to share. The design is a twist on traditional “Dalsland cottage” architecture, including a timber frame and wooden vertical panels for the exterior facade. A large two-story glazed corner offers views to the surrounding nature and supports an indoor garden in the kitchen.